Pre-CDT: Nothing Is Real…

A wonderful couple I met on a volunteer project last year, named Kris and Gil, very graciously gave me a ride to the hotel. It was a 2.5 hour drive for me, longer for them since they kindly went a bit out of their way. Thank you Kris and Gil! 

When we arrived, a hiker was standing outside the laundry room near the office. He said he had just arrived from hiking from the border. We asked how it was, he said “Hot!” all the while smiling and seemingly happy. 

After checking in, I went straight to my room. It’s dry here. I am accostumed to dryness and hotness and I had expected it. As much as I try to put expectations aside, they are there in their many forms. I keep thinking about how unreal this all is. Where the heck am I? Oh right, right. Tomorrow I’m doing what?! Geez, that’s crazy. 

So I am just sitting here in my hotel room just watching the time pass. My backpack is already packed and my gear is already sorted, so there’s nothing really left for me to do. Except eat. I brought “good food” to eat for dinner and for the 3-hour shuttle ride in the morning. My plan: to hydrate and eat as much healthy junk I can before hitting the trail. Though I feel like I have to be doing something more. I’ve looked over my maps, checked my GPS and right now everything is okay.

I am not sure how I feel yet. So, I am leaving it up to the Universe. All I can do is wait and see how this dream of mine unfolds.


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